As 2024 progresses, the runways are full of exciting fashion trends ready to redefine our wardrobes and elevate our style. This year is about embracing uniqueness and creativity. And in midst of all these trends clamouring for our attention, 5 emerge as the frontrunners in my opinion. Without further ado, let’s jump into the 5 fashion trends I’m excited to incorporate into my wardrobe this year!

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1. Micro-Fringe Magic:

One of the first things that comes to my mind when you talk about micro-fringe is the tassels the cowboys used to wear in the old country western movies. But fringe has come a long way since then and is now incorporated into our everyday lives. And if you’re still unsure about jumping right into the trend, why not try it in small doses. I found this beautiful sequin dress on Amazon fashion and it is the perfect blend of sexy and sophisticated while still giving a nod to the fashion trend.

A woman wearing a black bodycon dress with micro-fringe at the bottom.

2. Business Sensual:

According to InStyle, the ‘Business Sensual’ trend is where sheer dressing and transparent attire take the spotlight to make a bold, feminine statement. There’s many ways you can style this but for me the most practical way (and the only way I could wear this to work) is a sheer blouse – with a cami inside of course. Team with a pair of tailored trousers or pencil skirt and you’re good to go!

A woman wearing a sheer blouse and black trousers

3. Emotional Support Bags:

So I know that mini- purses are popular at the moment, but for me the oversized bags and totes win hands down. These “Emotional Support Bags” are both fashionable and practical for my day to day life. Choose bags that resonate with your personality, making them an integral part of your fashion expression. I found this great bag on Amazon.

Oversized leather tote bag in brown

4. Ice, Ice, Baby:

This shouts “Statement Piece” to me. Something you can pull out when you really want to make an impression without saying any words.  ‘Ice, Ice, Baby,’ is all about glacial blues, icy metallics, and winter-inspired colours. This blue coat is perfect for adding a refreshing and wintery chic vibe.

Blue winter wool coat

5. Golden Knots:

Accessories are the icing that finish off the cake! And the fashion trend of ‘Golden Knots,’ features oversized earrings, knotted jewellery, and bold accessories. These statement pieces will elevate your outfit, turning every occasion into a showcase of your unique style.

Gold knotted earrings, knotted necklace and a gold bracelet

As we dive into 2024, these five fashion trends act as a guide to infuse our wardrobes with flair and individuality. But don’t feel bound by the runways, take inspiration from them and create your own unique style that works for you.


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