The country and western look is making waves in 2024! And although it has been around for a long time, we are seeing a revival this year. Celebs like Bey, Kim K and Madonna have all been rocking the style this year. And I’m LOVING it! That’s because cowgirl outfits are fun, easy to style and so inclusive. Anyone can get involved. So if you are looking to incorporate the western aesthetic into your wardrobe or maybe attending a themed party, then look no further. In this article, we will look at 5 stylish cowgirl outfits that you can wear anywhere. 

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Short on time, have a look at my top 5 picks:

5 Stylish Cowgirl Outfits:

The Classic Cowgirl

This classic look gives me out-on-the farm vibes. It’s truly timeless. And I bet that most of us have some kind of variation of this look in our wardrobe. A pair of sturdy denim jeans, a worn leather vest over a simple cotton shirt, and a cowboy hat for shade. Don’t forget the trusty boots!

Style Tip:

Basically, the jeans are the main feature here. And what type of jeans you choose is really up to you. A straight-leg or boot cut jean is great for this look. And if you want a glamour twist then go for high-waisted jeans to really accentuate that waist and figure. I would also avoid overly distressed jeans for a cleaner, polished look. When it comes to accessories, why not add a stylish bandana to add character to the outfit.

Easy Breezy Cowgirl

Embrace the Wild West spirit with this easy breezy, sexy and playful cowgirl outfit. A simple combo of denim shorts and white top is all you need. And you’re good to go for getting  out on those hot summer days! All in all, this is such a cute and effortless outfit.

Style Tip:

This simple look can be elevated even further by adding a chunky belt buckle with beautiful detailing. You could also add a western style vest or denim jacket with fringe detailing on top. Or if you prefer to be a bit more covered up, then a long flowy kimono would be a great option. It’s a great layering piece that will give this outfit a relaxed and polished feel. For jewellery, keep it simple. Look for layered necklaces, chunky bracelets and simple stud earrings to complete the look. 

Modern Cowgirl

For a beautifully feminine look, style a white top with a flowing maxi skirt, cowboy boots, and a wide-brim hat. Don’t forget to add a bandana for extra style and pizzazz. I think this is such a cool and contemporary look that is perfect for festivals and rodeos.

Style Tip:

The key to pulling off this look is to make sure you pick the right length of skirt and boots. Try to make sure your frame isn’t drowned by an overly long skirt.  If you’re wearing a patterned skirt, try to pair it with a simple white top. You can go for a lace top or something with cut-outs for a feminine look. Don’t forget a cute belt to pull the outfit together.

Denim Diva

Another great cowgirl outfit idea is double-denim.  Take a classic denim shirt, pair with a denim skirt, and gorgeous cowboy boots for the perfect look.  This is a chic and comfortable option that’s perfect for a casual outing.

Style Tip:

With denim on denim outfits, you don’t have to match the washes. Try wearing two different shades to create visual interest and balance. And make sure to avoid too much distressing in your denim. But beware; depending on your frame, a style like this can overwhelm you. So show some skin to break it up and balance the outfit. For accessories, a statement belt is a must to cinch in that waist! 

Giddy-Up Glam

And for a super sexy date night look, try a western-style slip dress with a plunging neckline and some simple jewellery.. Let the dress do all the talking! Add in a black cowboy hat and black boots and you’re sure to turn heads. 

Style Tips:

To elevate this look, add some chunky earrings, a bracelet, or any other statement jewellery. Then add a leather jacket on top for an edgier look. Finish the look off with a bold red lip and smoky eye to amp up the sexiness. For a casual vibe, throw on a denim or utility jacket on top. And keep your makeup soft and simple for a fun daytime look. 

Building Your Cowgirl Wardrobe: Essential Elements

Now that we’ve had a look at some outfit ideas, let’s explore the wardrobe essentials you need to build your cowgirl outfit.

Cowgirl Hats

No cowgirl outfit is complete without a cowgirl hat. It is a quintessential cowgirl accessory! Not only does it protect you from the sun, but it looks so damn cool without even trying! Choose from classic straw hats, wide-brimmed fedoras, or even a stylish gambler hat. 

Pro tip: Looking for the perfect cowgirl hat, then consider the shape of your face. A wider brim balances a long face, while a shorter brim complements a rounder face. For a casual vibe go for straw hats, which are great for summer days, while wool hats are perfect for colder weather. For an elevated look, opt for darker colours like black or brown. 

The Curved Edge Cowboy Fedora Hat is beautiful in black. It hasn’t got much in the way of detailing, which means that it will go well with a wide variety of outfits.

A woman wearing a black cowgirl hat

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I LOVE this Seagrass Straw Cowboy Hat for the summer. It’s made from premium seagrass, and features an adjustable string sizer on the inside! So it fits most people perfectly.

a woman wearing a straw cowboy hat

                                                                                                                               Shop Now

Another must-have, in my opinion is the Contrast Trim Fedora Hat. It’s a beautiful accessory especially in the cooler months.

a woman wearing wide brim grey fedora

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Denim Shirts 

The denim shirt is such a classic staple in a cowgirl’s wardrobe! Plus they come is so many washes – lighter for a vintage look and darker for a modern twist.  Look for a vintage button down style or something trendier with puff sleeves. 

Pro tip: Achieve a timeless look by pairing a light wash denim shirt with classic boot-cut jeans and cowboy boots. Or use as a layering piece.  Leave it unbuttoned over a plain white tee for a relaxed vibe. Dress it up by adding a western-style waistcoat or vest on top for a touch of formality. 

This mid blue Plus Oversized Denim Shirt is so chic and versatile. Made from 100% cotton, it can easily be styled up or down to suit the occasion. 

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One of my faves is this Vintage Tint Oversized Denim Shirt. And it’s the colour that’s done it for me. The vintage dirty look is so modern and fresh, it’s giving 90s vibes! 

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As I mentioned before, trendy denim shirts are also a great pick. The Puff Sleeve Frill Collar Denim Shirt is a great way to add personality and flare to your cowboy outfit.

                                                                                                                             Shop Now

Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic tees are a perfect addition to your cowgirl outfit. They add a splash of individuality and fun.  You can opt for t-shirts with a Western-inspired design to really embrace the trend.

Pro tip: Take an oversized graphic tee and tie a knot at the waist to elevate the outfit. This cinches in the waist and creates a more polished look. It’s perfect for transitioning from a casual day look to a night out at the honky-tonk.  Alternatively, for a laid-back vibe, tuck in your graphic tee into high-waisted denim shorts. Remember, the beauty of graphic tees is their individuality, so pick a design that reflects your own personality and adds a unique twist to your cowgirl style.

This Plus Cowgirl Slogan Oversized Washed T-shirt Dress is SO easy to wear.  You can wear it as is with ankle boots or with leggings underneath, depending on your style. Either way, this is a no-brainer and an absolute hit!

                                                                                                                               Shop Now

Another great option is the Plus Cowboy Stars Oversized T-shirt. This is also easy to wear and goes well with your favourite jeans, shorts or denim skirt.

                                                                                                                                   Shop Now

Lets keep going with the western theme with the Plus Nevada Western Oversized T-shirt. This beautiful white tee with amazing graphics makes a great addition to your cowgirl wardrobe.

white graphic t-shirt written Nevada

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While jeans are great, skirts are also a stylish alternative for a cowgirl outfit.  Classic jeans, a denim skirt, or even a cute pair of denim overalls are all fantastic choices. For a dressier look, opt for a flowing maxi skirt with a Western-style silhouette.

Pro tip: To accentuate your waist and create a balanced silhouette, pair your skirt with a fitted top tucked in. If your skirt has a higher waist, consider a cute belt with a western buckle to cinch it and add a touch of personality. Cropped tops will also work well. 

If you’re looking for the embroidered feel, then the Broderie Woven Maxi Skirt is for you. This maxi skirt fully is lined and has a tie around the waist. It’s perfect for recreating some of those classic cowgirl looks.

                                                                                                                               Shop Now

OMG! When I saw the Vintage Tint Split Front Denim Maxi Skirt, I jumped for joy. It matches the previous vintage denim shirt I shared earlier, and who doesn’t like a 2-piece set!? The designers have done all the work for you. All you need to do is wear it and slay all day!

A woman wearing a denim skirt

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Another beautiful and feminine choice is the Tonal Linen Look Tiered Maxi Skirt. Made from linen, it will keep you cool on hot summer days. 

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Cowboy Boots

No cowgirl outfit is complete without a great pair of boots! Classic cowboy boots with a pointed toe and a slight heel are perfect. For a more modern take, consider ankle boots or booties with Western detailing.

Pro tip: Classic brown leather boots are timeless, but don’t be afraid to explore other colours like black, white, or even jewel tones. Experiment with textures like snakeskin or crocodile for a bolder statement. For a dressier look, choose a sleek, well-maintained boot in a polished leather. For everyday wear, distressed leather or suede boots give off a more relaxed vibe.

A beautiful pair of white Knee High Western Cowboy Boots are a great addition to your wardrobe. Easy to pair with all types of outfits.

                                                                                                                                Shop Now

These classic Low Cuban Heel Pull On Embroidered Cowboy Western Boots are a must have. I love the embroidery and detailing on them that give them an authentic western feel.

                                                                                                                                       Shop Now

I just had to add these Metallic Knee High Western Cowboy Boots. They are amazing! I’m obsessed with the colour. A guaranteed show stopper!

metal cowboy boots

                                                                                                                                   Shop Now

FAQs about Cowgirl Outfits

What colours should I wear in a cowgirl outfit?

You can wear any colour you like! Classic Western colours like brown, tan, and white are also a safe bet. Don’t be afraid to add pops of colour with a red bandana, a turquoise necklace, or a brightly coloured top.

Where can I find cowgirl clothes?

You can find cowgirl clothing at online retailers and even some mainstream clothing stores that have adopted the trend. For a truly unique look, consider hitting up some thrift stores.

So there you have it, gals! With these handy tips, you’ll be ready to create your own show-stopping cowgirl outfits. Remember, the most important part is to have fun and embrace your inner cowgirl spirit!

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